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SZ F411 15A AIO Flight Controller & 1103 Whoop Motors

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● Specifically designed for 1S micro dones.

● Incorporates a 32-bit ESC chip, ensuring swift response and providing a broader range of adjustable parameters.

● Plug-in motor plug preventing any interference between the frame loop and AIO components, and NO need to welding.

● Pakage Included: 1pc* AIO 15A & 4pcs* 1103 Brushless Motors.

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Specifications/Attributes (2)
15A + 8000KV
15A + 11000KV
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About F411 AIO 15A:

The MEPS F411 AIO 15A, the best all in one flight controller, is specifically designed for 1S racing whoops and 1S long-range toothpicks, featuring small current plugging and high current soldering. It incorporates a 32-bit ESC chip, ensuring swift response and providing a broader range of adjustable parameters. This versatile flight controller for drone applications is ideal for both mini drone racing and long-range toothpick flights.

The motor plug ports are thoughtfully designed to narrow inward, preventing any interference between the frame loop and AIO components, so that there's NO need for welding with the direct plug-in motor, ensuring a smoother build. This design enhancement not only guarantees an efficient build process but also enhances spatial efficiency, optimizing the integration of components within the frame.

Whether you're in need of an ESC and flight controller combo or searching for the best f4 drone flight controller, the MEPS F411 AIO 15A stands out as an excellent choice. It offers the advantages of an all in one ESC flight controller, making it a reliable option for various drone applications. If you're looking for an AIO f4 flight controller or an advanced flight controller f411-mini, the MEPS F411 AIO 15A has you covered with its cutting-edge features and design.



● Application: Designed with 25.5*25.5mm mounting holes.

● Specially Designed For Small Drones: Tailored for 1S racing whoops and 1S long-range toothpicks, catering to the specific needs of small drones.

● 32-Bit M4 Core Main Chip: Incorporates a 32-bit ESC chip, 

● Built-in 8MB Black Box: Integrates a black box for seamless flight data analysis, offering valuable insights into flight performance.

● Inwardly Narrowed Motor Plug Ports: Motor plug ports are strategically narrowed inward, mitigating interference between the frame loop and AIO. This optimization enhances spatial efficiency during the assembly process.



● Model: MEPS F411 AIO 15A

● Color: Black

● Input Voltage: 1S Lipo

● MCU: STM32F411

● Gyroscope: BMI270

● Firmware: BLHeli 32 & MEPSF411 

● Black Box: 8MB

● Continuous Current: 15A

● Peark Current: 17A

● Telemetry: Support

● LED: Support

● Buzzer: Support

● OSD: AT7456E

● BEC: 5V1.5A

● UART: 2 Sets

● Mounting Holes: 25.5*25.5mm

● Dimension: 29.5*29.5mm

● Weight: 5.7g


Interface Definition Figure


External Receiver


External VTX


LED & Buzzer


Parameter Data


About 2004 Brushless Motor:

MEPS SPACE 2004 FPV brushless motors are suitable for 4S 6S cinewhoop, which have 1800KV brushless motor and 3000KV brushless motor available.  

It uses the Uni-Bell structure design providing high crash-resistance while not adding more weight, providing high reliability and explosive power and thrust for FPV pilots at an affordable price. It is crafted with high-quality materials and advanced engineering which guarantees a longer lifespan. 

It features NMB bearings and N52SH heat resistant magnets, which work in harmony with the up to 220°C high heat resistant copper wire, providing optimal performance even under demanding situations. 

It is the first choice for racing enthusiasts training, providing a quieter, smoother and more stable flying experience.



● Application: Perfect for 3"-3.5" cinewhoop drone kit.

● High-Quality Build: Crafted with premium materials, built to last and withstand the rigors of intense flying.

● Enhanced Performance: With higher efficiency and less heat generation, the motor delivers exceptional power and consistent performance.

● Smooth Handling: Linear throttle and smooth operation provide precise control and handling, making it the perfect choice for professional pilots.

● Lightweight Design: Weighing only 16.8g (including cable). Ultra-light and impact-resistant, making it perfect for agile and speedy flight.



● Model: MEPS 2004 cinewhoop motor

● Color: Black

● KV: 1800kv/3000kv (optional)

● Materials:  Stainless steel solid shaft, N52H arc magnets.

● Lead: 120-123mm

● Weight(including cable): 16.8g

● Motor Diameter: Φ25.05mm±0.2mm

● Shaft Diameter: Φ1.5mm±0.02mm

● Rated Voltage(Lipo): 6S(1800kv), 4S(3000kv)

● Configuration: 12N14P

● Internal Resistance: 219±5mΩ(1800KV), 88±5mΩ(3000KV)

● Idle Current(10V): 0.37A(1800KV), 0.86A(3000KV)

● Peak Current(60S): 18.2A(1800KV), 32.7A(3000KV)

● Max Power: 455W(1800KV), 534.4W(3000KV)


Package Included

● 1pc* MEPS F411 AIO 15A

● 1pc* 65mm BT2.0 Power Cord

● 1pc* 65mm PH2.0 Power Cord

● 6pcs* Anti-vibration Rubber Dampers

● 5pcs* 3Pin Adapter

● 1pc* MEPS 2004 FPV Motor

● 4pcs* M2x6 Hexagon Screws

● 4pcs* M2x7 Hexagon Screws

Weight(incl. cable)3.8g3.8g
Motor Dimensionφ14.1*16mmφ14.1*16mm
Shaft Diameterφ1.5mmφ1.5mm
Rated Voltage(Lipo) 3S 3S
Idle Current(10V) ≤0.5A ≤0.5A
Peak Current(60S)18.4A15.1A
Max Power286.4W189.6W


Reviews (37)
  • F**************0
    Seriously, this board is TOUGH as nails, easy to use and figure out. I have many many of them and they are my go to.
    Specification:F411 15A
    Three month ago
    Helpful (0)
  • h**d
    Great durability. Great value for the money. Great quality of material.
    Three month ago
    Helpful (0)
  • F****z
    The design that prevents interference between components is genius—I noticed a smoother flight experience immediately. The ESC's swift response and adjustable parameters cater perfectly to my racing needs.
    Specification:F411 15A
    7 Jul,2024 08:14:54
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