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85mm Whoop Quadcopter Kit with 1103 motor T Pro V2 2.4G ELRS Radio Controller Dominator HDO2.1 Goggles

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● Equipped with 1103 brushless motors and a 1S 15A AIO flight controller.

● Optimized for weight, providing a smoother flying experience.

● Easier to control during high-speed flights.

● Features optimized video transmission equipment and power systems.

● The Dominator HDO2.1 goggles features updated IPD and focus adjuster buttons.

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Specifications/Attributes (2)
85mm Whoop Kit #E / 8000KV
85mm Whoop Kit #F / 11000KV
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85mm whoop builds with radio controller

About 85mm Whoop Quadcopter:

The 85mm Whoop Quadcopter equipped with 1103 brushless motors and a 1S 15A AIO flight controller. It's a high-performance drone optimized for weight, providing a smoother flying experience. It's easier to control during high-speed flights and features optimized video transmission equipment and power systems, offering impressive battery life and enhanced visual experiences. Ideal for long-duration, freestyle flights, the combination of these electronic components ensures a smooth and seamless flying experience.

85mm whoop builds lists

About the Package

85mm Whoop Kit #E85mm Whoop Kit #F
SZ1103 Motors in 8000KV *4SZ1103 Motors in 11000KV *4
 Meteor85 Frame in Black *1Meteor85 Frame in Black *1
15A AIO FC *115A AIO FC *1
CO3 Micro Camera *1CO3 Micro Camera *1
Zenus Nano VTX *1Zenus Nano VTX *1
ELRS Receiver 2.4G *1ELRS Receiver 2.4G *1
SZ1218 Propellers *4SZ1218 Propellers *4
Micro Canopy *1Micro Canopy *1
Dominator HDO2.1 Goggles *1Dominator HDO2.1 Goggles *1
T-Pro V2 ELRS Radio Controller *1T-Pro V2 ELRS Radio Controller *1

About the Specifications

Product NameModel

● KV: 8000kv/11000kv 

● Rated Voltage(Lipo): 3S

FCF411 15A

● Input Voltage: 1S Lipo

● Firmware: BLHeli 32 & MEPSF411 


● Wheelbase: 87.7mm


● Horizontal Resolution: 1200 TVL

● IMAGE: 4:3

● Power Input: DC 3-5.5V

ReceiverELRS Lite

● Size: 11mm*10mm*3mm 

● Range: About 600 meters

● Telemetry Power: 17mW

● Frequency Bands (Nano receiver 2.4G version): 2.4GHz ISM

● Input Voltage: 5V

● Antenna: Integrated SMD ceramic antenna

VTXZenus Nano

● Built-in Microphone

● Input voltage:DC 5V

● Antenna interface: ipex

● Output power: PIT/25/100/200/350mW

● Standard 40 channels. A/B/E/F/R frequency group 

● Frequencies: 5.8GHz


● Size: 1.2 inch

● Pitch: 1.8 inch

● Mounting Holes: M1.4

CanopyMicro Canopy● Tilt: 20°/30°
GogglesDominator HDO2.1

● Power Supply:7 – 13V input voltage (2S – 3S Supply)

● Analog DVR: MicroSD support to 32 GB

● Resolution: 1280 X 960

Radio ControllerT-Pro V2 ELRS

● Transmitter module: ELRS 2.4GHz

Working voltage: DC6V-DC8.4V


● Compact Size: 85mm Whoop Quadcopter, ideal for indoor and outdoor flying.

● Optimized Weight: High-performance drone optimized for weight, ensuring agility and speed.

● Advanced Flight Controller: 1S 15A AIO flight controller for smooth and precise control.

● Enhanced Control: Easier to control during high-speed flights, suitable for beginners and experts.

● Freestyle Capability: Ideal for long-duration, freestyle flights, offering flexibility and creativity in maneuvers.


Motors & Propellers:

MEPS SPACE 1103 FPV brushless motors are compatible to most of 2-3 inch toothpick drone and 85-95mm whoop drone. It uses the Uni-Bell structure design providing high crash-resistance while not adding more weight, providing high reliability and explosive power and thrust for FPV pilots at an affordable price. 

MEPS 1218 FPV 3-blade propeller is perfect suitable for micro drones. It is made of high-quality PC materials which is durable and great for FPV whoops. The 3-blade props give more power and faster speed for racing. 


Flight Controller:

The MEPS F411 AIO 15A, the best all in one flight controller, is specifically designed for 1S racing whoops and 1S long-range toothpicks, featuring small current plugging and high current soldering. It incorporates a 32-bit ESC chip, ensuring swift response and providing a broader range of adjustable parameters. This versatile flight controller for drone applications is ideal for both mini drone racing and long-range toothpick flights.

The motor plug ports are thoughtfully designed to narrow inward, preventing any interference between the frame loop and AIO components, so that there's NO need for welding with the direct plug-in motor, ensuring a smoother build. This design enhancement not only guarantees an efficient build process but also enhances spatial efficiency, optimizing the integration of components within the frame.



The HGLRC Zeus NANO Video Transmitter is ultralight and has multiple mounting patterns, including 16mm, 20mm, and 25.5mm. With a built-in microphone and slim boomerang shape, this VTX brings real-time audio transmission and a wider scope of application for reliable and powerful racing drone motors.

It is very easy to mount. It has holes for mounting on top of 3 different types of flight controller stack: 25.5×25.5mm, 20x20mm, and 16x16mm. If you prefer not to mount it on top of an FC, you can remove the tabs with pliers to save weight and space.

Betafpv CO3 cameras


BetaFPV C03 FPV Micro Camera, a lightweight camera designed to deliver exceptional performance for micro FPV drones. Weighing just 1.45g, this camera features a high-resolution 1200TVL sensor, ensuring crisp and clear image quality. The 2.1mm lens provides an expansive 160° field of view, allowing for immersive and detailed FPV flying. Operating in a 4:3 image ratio, the C03 features a 1/3'' CMOS sensor, capturing vivid and brilliant images even in challenging lighting conditions. Experience unparalleled clarity and precision with the C03 camera, perfect for enhancing your FPV flying experience.



The updated Fat Shark Dominator HDO2.1 headset is launched as the successor to the popular Dominator HDO2. This version features updated IPD and Focus Adjuster buttons. With large 1280 x 960 OLED panels, the HDO2.1 offers a significantly improved image quality and a 46-degree field of view. Display customization is now possible using a new OSD with expanded controls. The HDO2.1 can be personalized further with adjustable focus, IPD, face plate curvature, selectable image ratio, and a configurable power button. It's the perfect headset for experienced pilots looking for the best flight experience.


Radio Controller:

The Jumper T Pro V2 is a game console-style controller for RC models. It has adjustable hall sensor gimbals and a compact 1.3" OLED screen. The T Pro uses OpenTX, supporting voice, vibration, and PC connection for simulator use. Powered by two 18650 cells, it charges with a USB-C cable. The rear module bay supports expansion with the "Lite" socket for ELRS Nano/TBS Crossfire or Tracer Nano modules.



Adding different colors to your drone can make it stand out and look unique compared to a single-color design. The three decorative parts included in the package can transform your drone into a cool and special knight. The canopy also comes with three types of camera mounts, suitable for 20°/30° lens cameras like C02 or C03.



The BETAFPV Lite receiver uses the ExpressLRS project, an open-source RC link for RC applications. ExpressLRS is designed to provide top-notch performance in speed, latency, and range. It stands out as one of the fastest RC links available while also delivering long-range capabilities.

New lite receiver with a flat antenna features a 3mm extra-thin board and 0.53g lightweight, which requires less assembly space on drones with limited space. Besides, solid flat antenna without irregular parts can withstand crashes, making the receiver not so fragile.



The Meteor85 Brushless frame is a fantastic, colorful 75mm frame option, weighing just 11.32g. It is designed for 2-inch propellers and customized for 85mm aircraft. The low-profile battery slot and the triangular bilateral stretch structure of the motor mounting position ensure durability. It's important to note that this frame fits motors with four mounting holes. If you intend to use it with three-hole motors, customization will be necessary.

Package Included:

4 * SZ1103 Brushless Motors

1 * SZ F411 1S 15A AIO FC

1 * BetaFPV Meteor85 Brushless Whoop Frame

1 * BetaFPV CO3 Camera

1 * HGLRC Zenus Nano VTX

1 * BetaFPV ELRS Lite Receiver 2.4G(Flat)

1 * Fat Shark Dominator HDO2.1 FPV Goggles

1* Jumper T-Pro V2 ELRS Radio Controller (without battery)

4 * SZ1218 FPV Propellers 

1 * BetaFPV Micro Canopy

Reviews (81)
  • F**************0
    Seriously, this board is TOUGH as nails, easy to use and figure out. I have many many of them and they are my go to.
    Specification:F411 15A
    Three month ago
    Helpful (0)
  • h**d
    Great durability. Great value for the money. Great quality of material.
    Three month ago
    Helpful (0)
  • F****z
    The design that prevents interference between components is genius—I noticed a smoother flight experience immediately. The ESC's swift response and adjustable parameters cater perfectly to my racing needs.
    Specification:F411 15A
    7 Jul,2024 08:14:54
    Helpful (0)
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