Choose Best FPV Drone Frame Guide 2024

How to choose fpv drone frame for racing or freestyle?

The usual term for a few inches of frame is based on the largest paddle that the frame can support, while the axis distance is measured by the distance between the midpoints of the two diagonal motors
The following is a list of the general range of frame parameters

Frame Wheelbase Prop Size stack Installation hole Camera hole position Adapted motor
150mm 3inch 16/20/25.5 14/19 08/11/12
180mm 4inch 16/20/25.5 19/20 12/13/14/15/20
220mm 5inch 20/30.5 19/20/22 22/23
250mm 6inch 20/30.5 19/20/22 22/23
350mm 7inch 20/30.5 19/20/22 23/25/28
550mm 8inch 30.5 19/20/22 28/3/4

Generally X

  • Introduction: The angle before each axis of the rack is vertical 90°, and the length of the arm is the same.
  • Features: balanced performance, centralized center of gravity, equal rotational force distance on each side of this frame, smooth flying and strong sense of operation.

Wide X

  • Introduction: If the spacing between the left and right motors is greater than the spacing between the front and rear motors, it is called wide X.
  • Features: sensitive pitch and roll, soft horizontal roll, suitable for flower flying Freestyle.

Long X

  • Introduction: If the distance between the left and right motors is smaller than the distance between the front and rear motors, it is called long X.
  • Characteristics: Soft pitch, sensitive cross-roll, suitable for high-speed competition.

Hybrid rack

  • Introduction: If the two motors in front of the rack have a smaller pitch, and the two motors in the back have a larger pitch, it can be called HybridX rack.
  • Characteristics: Generally narrow in the front and wide in the back, different cross roll torque in the front and back when flying at high speed can make the amount of Yaw’s rod reduced when steering and help flyers fly faster.


  • Three inches and above most of the rack are used carbon fiber plate as the main material, with aluminum column screws and other accessories to form a complete rack, use carbon fiber because the characteristics of carbon fiber is light and strong, fully meet the needs of the crossing machine rack, some racks will also use cnc aluminum parts as some parts of the rack.
  • In the aluminum parts, including aluminum column motor nuts, crossing machine is generally used in 6061 and 7075 two kinds of aluminum alloy, the difference is 6061 low strength more soft, so good processing, the price is relatively low, and 7075 high strength, the material is harder, the processing difficulty is higher than 6061, so the price is high.
  • The screws in the crossing machine generally use the highest strength grade 10.9 and 12.9 grade two screws.
  • In the three inches and below in the small aircraft will often use carbon plate as the main body with some softer, high degree of deformability of the material to form a rack. Or directly use pp and other higher strength plastic as the main body of the rack. The reason is that small aircraft compared to large aircraft due to weight and flight speed and other relationships in the impact of the force is smaller, so the use of plastic can be achieved through the impact of deformation to absorb the impact energy to protect the aircraft, but also to reduce the overall weight of the aircraft, reducing the cost of the rack.
  • In order to protect the rack as well as external, add some equipment we often use 3D printing to print some accessories installed on the rack, and commonly used materials for tpu and abs, pla, the former is a soft material can be substantially deformed, the latter two are hard materials basically can not be deformed. In different use needs can choose their own.
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