FPV Drone Kit Free Trial

Hi, pilots! MEPSKING has prepared a big surprise for you! MEPSKING is officially launching the global recruitment of free trial users campaign which enables you to experience the powerful propulsion of MEPSKING products FOR FREE.


  • Applicable Free Trial Products
  • All motors(include FPV 、Fixed Wing、Multi-Rotor、Robot).


  • Application Requirements
  • 1) Must be MEPSKING registered subscribers;
  • 2) The number of followers of the sharing channel should more than 200s.


  • How to be Our Free Trial User
  • 1) Subscribe MEPSKING’s newsletter (subscribers can skip this step);
  • 2) Contact customer service: info@mepsking.com to submit a formal application, including the product you desire, the reasons for trial, and fill in your name, telephone number, address, email address and media account number in detail (we will send out the product after your application is approved);
  • 3) Submit your trial report to MEPSKING official customer service: info@mepsking.com and share it in your channel/page/blog and so on.


  • Trial Report Shall Include
  • 1) Photos, unboxing process or reviews of MEPSKING product;
  • 2) Product installation tutorial or good experience sharing;
  • 3) Pictures/videos/experience during product trial;
  • Note: Pictures should more than 10pcs, text should more than 100 words, video should be longer than 30s.


  • Rewards
  • 1) Users who have completed the trial and successfully submitted their reports can own the trial products by themselves FOR FREE;
  • 2) Depending on the quality of the report and customer reviews, applicants may receive additional rewards (monthly review);
  • 3) Subscriber participating in the free trial campaign can become MEPSKING’s VIP and enjoy extra discount for shopping.


  • Notes
  • 1) The free trial users need to submit the trial report within one week after receiving the product, and share it as required. All content must be original and initial released. MEPSKING reserves all the rights to use or publish the content sent by the users on other MEPSKING related platforms;
  • 2) For participants who do not complete the trial report according to the rules, MEPSKING owns the right to request the participants to return the product and permanently cancel their trial qualification;
  • 3) If the trial experience sharing can not be completed due to unexpected circumstances, the trial participants should return the product to the MEPSKING company and let other applicants continue the trial;
  • 4) The first parcel will be sent free of charge by the MEPSKING. If there is any shipping fee occurred during the activity, the trial participants shall pay by themselves;
  • 5) During the activity, the ownership of the product belongs to MEPSKING, and the participants only have the right to use the product; the item is precision high-tech product, please cherish it and avoid some unnecessary damage. If malicious damage occurs, the user must compensate according to the price;
  • 6) Each member can only apply for one product at a time unless he/she has completed last trial;
  • 7) The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to MEPSKING.
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