What are the popular products of Iflight?

iFlight is a manufacturer specializing in FPV (First Person View) drones and related accessories, renowned for its high-quality and innovative drone products. The brand is particularly favored by aerial photography enthusiasts and professionals due to its ability to provide an exceptional flying experience and stable video capture capabilities.

Who is Iflight?

The China Greater Bay Area’s Huizhou City is home to iFlight’s headquarters. Their continued success depends on having direct access to raw resources, suppliers, and a youthful, creative talent pool, all of which are made possible by their strategic position. By utilizing these tools, they have expanded from a single tiny office to a workforce across the globe since 2014. With their products at iFlight, you may have FPV experiences with drones that are beyond your wildest imagination. Regardless of your passion: teaching, racing, freestyle flying, filmmaking, or entertainment, our platforms give you the ability to do more with an FPV drone than you could have ever dreamed possible. At iFlight, they provide creators with the resources they need to realize their visions.

The Milestones of iflight

  • 2014: The company was established and took shape.
  • 2015: Sales network extended to overseas markets.
  • 2016: Held the first large-scale iFlight FPV Race Event in China
  • 2017: Committed to developing the core of FPV equipment.
  • 2018: Launch of our first FPV whoop drone for beginners Alpha series. Launch of the smooth, reliable and powerful XING FPV motors. Held the 2nd iFlight FPV Race Event.
  • 2019: Launch of FPV tinywhoop HD drone for indoor flight CineBee. Launch of FPV freestyle drone Nazgul V2 series. Launch of FPV cinewhoop with bumper prop guards for safe flight BumbleBee. Held the 3rd iFlight FPV Race Event, establishing it as an annual tradition in the FPV community.
  • 2020: Launch of FPV long-range drone Chimera series. Launch of FPV freestyle drone TITAN XL5 series. Launch of FPV freestyle drone Nazgul Evoque series. Held the 4th iFlight FPV Race Event.
  • 2021: Launch of the industry’s first FPV drone with an innovative illuminated side panel design Nazgul Evoque. Launch of FPV Cinelifter that is designed to carry professional grade cinema cameras Taurus X8 series. Launch of FPV cinewhoop drone ProTek series. Launch of FPV racing drone Mach R5 series.
  • 2022: Launch of the industry’s first brand new design, highly integrated FPV drone Defender 25. Launch of the industry’s first radio transmitter that supports Type-C quick charging
    Commando 8. Selected as an innovative enterprise in Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou City.

iFlight Drone Series Overview

iFlight offers a wide range of products covering everything from racing drones to aerial cinematography drones. Here are some of the main product series from iFlight.

iflight Nazgul Series

The Nazgul series is renowned for its robust construction and excellent performance, making it suitable for FPV racing and freestyle flying. These drones typically come equipped with efficient motors and advanced flight control systems, offering a fast and responsive flying experience.

Titan Series

The Titan series is designed for long-distance and high-stability flights, often used for professional-grade aerial photography and exploration. They feature larger frames and more powerful batteries to support longer flight times and more stable aerial footage.

Cinewhoop Series

Cinewhoop series drones are ideal for close-range aerial photography and flying through tight spaces, commonly used for both indoor and outdoor video production. These drones are equipped with protective ducts that shield the propellers during impacts and help stabilize video capture.

Protek Series

Known for its unique ductless design and high durability, the Protek series is suitable for use in complex environments. The design of these drones focuses on protecting the equipment and extending its lifespan while providing efficient flight performance.

BumbleBee Series

The BumbleBee series falls under the Cinewhoop category, favored for its compact size and outstanding stability. They are suitable for aerial filming in dense environments, providing smooth and high-quality video.

Popular products of iFlight

iFlight Nazgul Evoque F5 V2 Frame

The DJI O3 Air Unit digital first-person video technology was the focus of the design of the new iFlight Nazgul5 V3. It includes a CNC metal camera mount with silicone insertion designed to reduce vibration. With its GoPro camera and large capacity battery, this FPV drone is designed for both long-range cinematic filming and freestyle. In contrast to its predecessors, the most recent N5 V3 O3 is solely compatible with 6S batteries and utilizes XING-E Pro 2207 1800KV motors.

Although creating an FPV drone from scratch can be tough and demanding, the reward is knowing that you created something that can fly with your own hands. It also enables you to modify it to best suit your demands and budget by utilizing various elements from the original version. Moreover, salvaged parts from downed drones might be used to save costs.

With four arms (5 mm) positioned between a bottom plate sandwich (3 mm), a longish top plate (2.5 mm), and some 25 mm height standoffs, the frame features a traditional long body design. It’s pretty convenient that arms may be replaced by just unscrewing one screw; they are designed to fit 22xx and 23xx motors. Both the 20x20mm and the 30x30mm flight stack mounting patterns have screw holes on the bottom plate; insert nuts are only included for the 30x30mm pattern. Three mounting configurations are available on the tail for the VTX: 30.5*30.5 φ3mm, 25*25 φ1.6mm, and 20*20 φ2mm.

iFlight Nazgul Evoque F5 V2 Frame

iFlight Nazgul V3 Frame

The 5″ freestyle frame is the iFlight Nazgul V3 Frame Kit. Made with an extremely strong carbon material for little resonance, and 2207 motors are advised for the best possible 5″ prop control. Perfect for usage in a professional setting.

  • 100% original: 5″ version; fits both 30.5×30.5 and 20×20 stacks; compatible with DJI O3 HD System; also fits 5.1″ model propellers.
  • Sturdy: This 5-inch freestyle frame is part of the iFlight Nazgul V3 Frame Kit. Made with an extremely strong carbon material for little resonance, and 2207 motors are advised for the best possible 5″ prop control. strong, long-lasting, and resistant to wear.
  • Excellent quality: The 5mm arm design of the frame kit adds durability, making it excellent for professional use.
  • Replaceable: The damaged original arm can be easily swapped out for a new one.
  • Simple to assemble: The frame, popular True-X configuration, LED-illuminated logo, TPU crash protectors, and simple assembling.
iFlight Nazgul V3 Frame
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