Mini SZ45A 3S 6S 4in1 FPV ESC 20*20mm Mounting


● Stable Chip Operation.

● Onsemi High-end MOSFETs.

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    About MEPS 45A FPV Drone ESC:

    Experience top-tier performance with the MEPS 45A 20x20 4in1 ESC – a BLHELI_32 electronic speed control meticulously designed for FPV drones. Boasting the fastest MCU fully supported by BLHELI32, this 4in1 ESC is a "game-changer", especially for those seeking the best 4s ESC for their builds.

    Featuring high-end Onsemi MOSFETs with low junction temperature, this electronic speed control carries more current, making it incredibly robust and resistant to breakdowns. The solder pads for the power lead are user-friendly, ensuring easy tinning and soldering. Paired with MEPS 2207 motors, it delivers exceptional performance in simple freestyle builds, making it an ideal choice for both first-time builders and casual FPV enthusiasts.

    The MEPS 45A 20x20 4in1 ESC stands out as the best 20x20 ESC, offering a balance of ease for beginner builders and performance for freestyle flights even in the midst of summer heat. If you're in search of the best ESC for your drone, especially a 4 in 1 ESC or BLHELI 4 in 1 ESC, look no further – this ESC is your key to unlocking unparalleled performance in the world of FPV.



    ● Application: 20*20mm mounting holes, best 20x20 ESC.

    ● Efficient Heat Sink: Upgraded heat sink & industrial PCB highly improve the working life of ESC. 

    ● Stable Chip Operation: Main control chip adopts the universal architecture concept, which is more stable.

    ● Enhanced Hermeticity: Driver chip adopts a high-end packaging process, and the hermeticity is enhanced.

    ● Onsemi High-end MOSFETs: With the low junction temperature, carry more current, harder to break down.

    ● Lighter and Smaller: Simplicity but not simple, satisfies the need for lighter flights.



    ● Model: MEPS 45A FPV ESC

    ● Color: Black

    ● Input Voltage: 3-6S

    ● Continuous Current: 45A

    ● Peark Current: 55A

    ● Firmware: BLHeli 32

    ● Telemetry: Support

    ● Mounting Holes: 20*20mm/Φ4mm

    ● Dimension: 33.5*39*8mm

    ● Weight: 9.2g

    Product Recommendation:

    MEPS F7 MINI flight controller

    MEPS 2207 racing motor

    MEPS 2306 freestyle motor

    Package included: 

    ● 1pc* MEPS FPV MINI 45A ESC

    ● 1pc* 35V 470μF capacitor

    ● 1pc* 100mm 14AWG XT60 Power Cord

    ● 1pc* 61mm Double-Ended SH1.0-8P Connector Cable

    ● 1pc* 61mm Single-Ended SH1.0-8P Connector Cable

    ● 1pc* SH1.0-8P Rubber Shell

    ● 1pc* SH1.0-10P Rubber Shell

    ● 5pcs* High Shock Anti-vibration Rubber Dampers

    ● 5pcs* Low Shock Anti-vibration Rubber Dampers


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