OEM/ODM NEON 2808 6S 4S Cinematic FPV Motor 1500KV 1950KV for 7-8inch Long Range (For Distributor)


● Suitable for 7-8 inch long range explorers and 7-8inch cinematic drones(X8).

● Available in 1500KV and 1950KV.

● OEM/ODM supported. MOQ > 100

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    Introducing our cutting-edge NEON 2808 FPV Motor, engineered for long-range exploration and cinematic flights, this motor is designed to elevate your FPV experience to new cinematic heights. What's more, it is OEM/ODM supported!

    2808 Brushless Motor Factory Directly Supply.MEPS is a large Brushless Motor manufacturer and supplier in China,We have a rich experience R&D team and our own production lines.

    Our NEON 2808 comes in 1500KV and 1950KV with stable and reliable performance. 1500KV is suitable for 7-8 inch long range explorers and 7-8inch cinematic drones(X8). 1950KV  is suitable for 7inch cinematic drones(X8), 8inch long range explorers and 5inch whoops.


    ● Electrophoretic process ensures a uniform color scheme, preventing rust, adding aesthetic appeal, and maintaining consistent coloring even at high temperatures.

    ● The reinforced upper cover, featuring enhanced ribs and a raised propeller lock, ensures smoother flight dynamics for an improved flying experience.

    ● The Uni-bell design structure boosts strength, offering a higher structural integrity, stable balance, and exceptionally smooth aerial visuals.

    ● For safe and efficient flights, the stator uses high-temperature-resistant single-strand enameled wire, reducing operating temperatures and enhancing overall flight efficiency.

    ● Designed for versatility, this product is compatible with 5-8 inch propellers, making it suitable for capturing scenes in diverse landscapes like grasslands, snow-covered mountains, forests, and high-altitude terrains.

    ● OEM/ODM Supported.


    ● Model: MEPS NEON 2808 

    ● Color: Pink/Green (OEM/ODM Supported)

    ● KV: 1500kv/1950kv (OEM/ODM Supported)

    ● Lead: 20#160mm (OEM/ODM Supported)

    ● Weight(including cable): 60.5g-61.1g

    ● Shaft Diameter: 5mm

    ● Rated Voltage(Lipo): 6S(1500KV/1950KV), 4S(1950KV)

    ● Configuration: 12N14P

    Upgrade your long-range FPV drone with the NEON 2808 Cinematic FPV Motor, where precision, power, and performance converge for an unparalleled aerial experience. Elevate your cinematic capabilities and explore the skies like never before.

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    Weight(incl. cable)      60.5±0.2g61.1±0.2g
    Lead20#160mm 20#160mm
    Rated Voltage(Lipo)6S6S/4S


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