SZ0802 Motors with BETAFPV Meteor65 Frame Bundle


● Bundle Includes: 1* frame, 4* motors, 2pairs propellers, and 2 battery straps.

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    About Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame:

    To enhance the flying experience, DIY enthusiasts have diligently worked on reducing the weight of the 1S whoop drones for an ultra-light structure. The Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame achieves a remarkable minimum weight of just 2.67 grams. It maintains exceptional strength and durability while introducing a new motor fixed slot, and optimizing a low profile design. It indisputably emerges as the topgallant choice for pilots seeking an unparalleled ultra-light Sub18g 65mm 1S Whoop drone. 


    ● Metor65 Air Frame: Weighing a mere 2.67g, this Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame exemplifies exceptional ultra-light structure while maintaining remarkable durability and crash resistance.

    ● Motor Slot: A groundbreaking addition to the 65mm frame, the inclusion of motor fixed slots enhances the convenience and stability of the motor installation.

    ● Low Profile: The low profile design effectively concentrates the whoop drone's gravity, optimizing its flight performance and improving the sense of compactness.

    ● Duct Diameter: The deliberate increase in whoop duct diameter effectively mitigates the risk of propeller strikes.

    ● The Motor Gasket allows seamless pairing with motors from different brands, effectively preventing propeller strikes.



    ● Model: Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame

    ● Material: PP

    ● Weight: 2.67g

    ● Wheelbase: 65mm

    ● Motor Mounting: 3-M1.4-6.6mm

    ● Flight Control Installation Hole: 26Γ—26mm

    ● Battery Slot Size: 11.6Γ—6.0mm

    ● Color: Black, White, Transparent White, Transparent Blue, Transparent Purple, Transparent Green



    Based on the Meteor65 frame, Meteor65 Air was optimized and upgraded in many aspects, the details are as follows.

    ● The duct diameter is enlarged from 32mm to 34.9mm, which improves compatibility and avoids propeller strikes.

    ● The weight is reduced from 3.14g to 2.67g, making the flight more flexible, exemplifying the exceptional ultra-light structure of the 1S whoop drone. Both frames feature the same materials and durability.

    ● With the low profile of frame, the drone's gravity center is more concentrated and improved the sense of compactness.

    About 0802 Brushless Motor:

    MEPS SPACE 0802 small drone motor have an awesome performance on power and thrust, perfect design on dynamic balance. It is a perfect micro motor for micro drones.

    It uses the Uni-Bell structure design providing high crash-resistance while not adding more weight, providing high reliability and explosive power and thrust for FPV pilots at an affordable price. It is the best 0802 motors.

    Every motor comes with a set of mounting screws, a set of washers and a c-clip.

    If you are looking for a 19000KV brushless motor or 22000KV brushless motor for micro drones,  MEPS 0802 brushless motor is definitely a good choice.


    ● Application: Perfect for micro drones.

    ● High Performance and Efficiency: Delivering high thrust for its size and better overall efficiency that lasts longer and performs more consistently.

    ● Lightweight and Durable: Weighing only 1.8g. Made of selected materials and a delicate design, ensuring durability while keeping the overall weight light.

    ● Smooth and Precise Control: With a linear throttle, providing precise control and handling, giving you a smooth flight operation experience.

    ● Unique for Tinywhoop: Explicitly designed for micro drones to provide stable and reliable performance.

    ● Compatible with Various Frames: Can be used with various micro drone frames, ensuring its versatility and flexibility.


    ● Model: MEPS 0802 tinywhoop FPV motor

    ● Color: Golden

    ● KV: 19000kv/22000kv (optional)

    ● Materials:  Stainless steel solid shaft

    ● Lead: JST30#40mmΒ±2mm

    ● Weight(including cable): 1.8gΒ±0.2g

    ● Motor Dimension: Ξ¦11.2mm*13.8mm

    ● Shaft Diameter: Ξ¦1mm

    ● Rated Voltage(Lipo): 1S

    ● Configuration: 9N12P

    ● Idle Current(10V): ≀0.5A

    ● Peak Current(60S): 3.4A(19000KV), 4.3A(22000KV)

    ● Max Power: 14.1W(19000KV), 18.0W(22000KV)

    About 1218 FPV Propellers:

    MEPS 1218 FPV 3-blade propeller is perfect suitable for micro drones. It is made of high-quality PC materials which is durable and great for FPV whoops. The 3-blade props give more power and faster speed for racing. Recommend using the props with MEPS SPACE 1404 whoop motors.


    ● Application: Perfect for tinywhoops.

    ● Highlight: Pitch 1.8 inch, Moungting holes M1.4. Compact and responsive design, with high resistance to damage.


    1. Align the paddle with the paddle mount.

    2. Press and rotate to fasten.


    ● Model: MEPS 1218 FPV propeller

    ● Color: Grey/Blue/Orange(optional)

    ● Material: PC

    ● Size: 1.2 inch

    ● Pitch: 1.8 inch

    ● Blade: 3

    ● Mounting Holes: M1.4

    ● Weight: 0.2g

    Package Included:

    1* BetaFPV Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame

    4* MEPS SZ0802 Brushless Motors

    2Pairs* MEPS SZ1218 Propellers

    2* Battery Straps


    Weight(incl. cable)1.8Β±0.2g1.8Β±0.2g
    Motor Dimension11.2*13.8mm11.2*13.8mm
    Shaft Diameterφ1mmφ1mm
    Rated Voltage(Lipo) 1S 1S
    Idle Current(10V) β‰€0.5A β‰€0.5A
    Peak Current(60S) 3.4A 4.3A
    Max Power14.1W18.0W




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