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4Pcs SZ1404 FPV Motor & 4Pairs* 1218 Propellers

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● Powerful & Efficient - Deliver high power with low amp draw, making them perfect for micro drones.

● Deliver high power with low amp draw, perfect for micro drones.

● Durable and light weight design, weighing only 9.5g.

● Low noise and vibration, and its linear throttle provides precise control and handling.

● Package Included: 4PCS Motors + 4 Pairs of Propellers + 1PC MEPS Hat + 2PCS Battery Straps + 1PC MEPS Stickers.

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4pcs* 2900KV / 4pairs* SZ1218 Props
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About 1404 Brushless Motor:

MEPS SPACE 1404 4S brushless motor incorporates a Uni-Bell structural design, offering high crash resistance without adding extra weight. 

It is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. For drone racing, its high efficiency and low amp draw mean you can push your drone to its limits without worrying about draining the battery too quickly. The precise control makes navigating through tight turns and obstacles more manageable. Well, for tricks and flips, its linear throttle output and smooth handling are ideal for precise control. You'll be able to easily execute complex maneuvers, and the durability ensures that it can handle the occasional crash or hard landing. 

There are 2900KV burshless motor, 3800KV burshless motor and 4600KV burshless motor available for your option.



● Application: Perfect for 2.5"-4" ultralight quad and 2"-2.5" cinewhoop. Deliver high power with low amp draw, making them perfect for micro drones.

● Lightweight design: Made of high quality materials and durable with delicate design, weighing only 9.5g.

● Precise Control and Handling: Linear throttle output and smooth handling for precise control and handling.

● Low Noise and Vibration: Designed to run smoothly and quietly, providing a more enjoyable flying experience.

● Three KV options available (2900, 3800, 4600): Different kvs match different batteries and propellers for different flying styles.



● Model: MEPS 1404 whoop motor

● Color: Grey

● KV: 2900kv/3800kv/4600kv (optional)

● Materials: Stainless steel hollow shaft, N52H arc magnets.

● Lead: 150-153mm

● Weight(including cable): 9.5g

● Motor Dimension: Φ18.66mm±50.2mm

● Shaft Diameter: Φ1.50mm±0.02mm

● Rated Voltage(Lipo): 4S

● Configuration: 9N14P

● Internal Resistance: 11mΩ±5mΩ(2900KV), 197mΩ±5mΩ(3800KV), 136mΩ±5mΩ(4600KV)

● Idle Current(10V): 0.4A(2900KV), 0.5A(3800KV), 0.6A(4600KV)

● Peak Current(60S): 12.5A(2900KV), 13A(3800KV), 17.7A(4600KV)

● Max Power: 313W(2900KV), 216.5W(3800KV), 314.7W(4600KV)

● Model: MEPS 1218 tinywhoop propeller

● Color: Grey/Orange

● Application: Perfect matching with SZ1404 motors for FPV micro dones, with high resistance to damage.

● Dimension: Pitch 1.8 inch, Moungting holes M1.4.

● Materials:  PC

● Blade: 3

● Weight: 0.2g each

● Model: MEPS Battery Strap

● Color: Green

● Size: 250x20 mm

● Model: MEPS hat

● Color: Black


Product Recommendation:

● MEPS 1218 tinywhoop propeller

● MEPS 3046 cinewhoop propeller

Package included: 

● 4pcs SZ1404 Motors

● 4 Pairs of SZ1218 Propellers

● 1pc MEPS Hat

● 2pcs Battery Straps

● 1pc MEPS Sticker

Weight(incl. cable)9.5g9.5g9.5g
Motor Dimension18.66±0.2mm18.66±0.2mm18.66±0.2mm
Shaft Diameterφ1.5±0.02mmφ1.5±0.02mmφ1.5±0.02mm
Rated Voltage(Lipo) 4S4S4S
Internal Resistance72mΩ68mΩ48mΩ
Idle Current(10V) 0.4A0.5A0.6A
Peak Current(60S) 12.5A 13A17.7A
Max Power313W216.5W314.7W


Reviews (53)
  • q********4
    The motors are excellent in this price segment. The quality is pleasing, the windings are smooth, fixed with resin.
    Three month ago
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  • A**********r
    Impressed with the control and lightweight feel of this motor. It's a game-changer for my flying style!
    A month ago
    Helpful (0)
  • O******s
    This motor is a ninja in the sky! So precise and agile, perfect for my cinewhoop.
    A month ago
    Helpful (0)
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