SZ1804 Motors with FlyFishRC Volador VX3.5 Frame Bundle


● Bundle Includes: 1* frame, 4* motors, 2pairs propellers, and 2 battery straps.

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    About Volador VX3.5 Freestyle Frame:

    The Volador VX3.5 Freestyle Frame offers a 3.5-inch flying experience with a highly compatible and simple design. It comes with all the necessary accessories for easy assembly.

    Designed in a Squashed X configuration, the frame allows for maximum control and works well with a variety of analog and HD systems. The high-quality TPU components make for a clean and neat installation, satisfying even the most meticulous pilots.

    Additionally, a silicone damping board plugin is included for installing the DJI O3 Air Unit camera, reducing jello effect and compatible with 19mm/20mm cameras. Made from high-strength CNC aluminum alloy components and top-quality T700 carbon fiber plates, the frame is durable and sleek, with a smooth surface and chamfered edges.


    ● Squashed X Configuration: Provides maximum control and compatibility with a range of analog and HD systems.

    ● TPU Components: Designed for integrated and neat installation, ensuring a clean appearance.

    ● Silicone Damping Board Plugin: Specifically designed for DJI O3 Air Unit camera installation, reducing jello in DVR and compatible with 19mm/20mm format cameras.

    ● High-Quality Materials: Made of CNC aluminum alloy components and T700 carbon fiber plates for strength and durability.

    ● Complete Package: Comes with all necessary accessories for both analog and HD builds, including hardware with Loctite thread-locking adhesive for increased reliability.


    ● Model: FlyFishRC Volador VX3.5

    ● Arm Thickness: 3.5mm

    ● Top plate thickness: 2mm

    ● Middle plate thickness: 2.4mm

    ● Bottom plate thickness: 2.4mm

    ● Keystone thickness: 3.5mm

    ● CNC Side plate thickness: 5mm

    ● Propeller size: 3~3.5 inch

    ● Material: T700 carbon plate

    ● FPV cam spacing: 19mm/20mm

    ● Weight: 70.5g(with TPU parts)

    ● Dimensions:127.5mm*148mm 

    ● Wheelbase:160mm

    ● Stack mounting holes: 20mm*20mm/25.5mm*25.5mm(M2)

    ● VTX mounting holes: 20mm*20mm/25.5mm*25.5mm(M2)

    About 1804 Brushless Motor:

    MEPS SPACE 1804 FPV brushless motors come with 2 different KV value which are 2450KV and 3500KV. 2450KV brushless motor is great for 6S power and 3500KV brushless motor is great for 4S power. 

    This motor incorporates a Uni-Bell structural design, offering high crash resistance without adding extra weight. It is suitable for 3-3.5inch freestyle drones and racing drones. 

    We recommend using 3046 propellers with the motors to get the excellent power effect during your FPV racing.


    ● Brand new rotor appearance design, anodized two-color process.

    ● Applicable to 3-3.5inch freestyle drones and racing drones.

    ● 6061-T6 Aluminum high-quality material, high-strength one-piece rotor.

    ● Customized N52H curved magnetic steel, strong magnetism, large torque.

    ● Super high temperature resistant 220Β° copper wire winding, the motor runs more stably.

    ● NMB bearings are durable and with long lifespan.

    ● New optimized adjustment and calibration, maintain high torque at low speed, linear power output when the throttle changes rapidly, precise and quick response when turning.


    ● Model: MEPS 1804 FPV motor

    ● Color: Red

    ● KV: 2450kv/3500kv (optional)

    ● Materials: Stainless steel solid shaft, N52H arc magnets.

    ● Lead: 120-123mm

    ● Weight(including cable): 14.5Β±2g

    ● Motor Diameter: Ξ¦22.98mm

    ● Shaft Diameter: Ξ¦1.50mm

    ● Rated Voltage(Lipo): 6S(2450kv), 4S(3500kv)

    ● Configuration: 12N14P

    ● Internal Resistance:190mΩ±6mΞ©(2450KV), 130mΩ±7mΞ©(3500KV)

    ● Idle Current(10V): 0.8A(2450KV), 1.3A(3500KV)

    ● Peak Current(60S): 18.7A(2450KV), 23.7A(3500KV)

    ● Max Power: 476W(2450KV), 386W(3500KV)

    About 3046 FPV Propellers:

    MEPS 3046 FPV propellers will bring you to a new level of smooth flying. It is made of high-quality PC material, and the 3-blade design with 4.6inch pitch can provide your quadcopter with strong power off the ground. Recommend using the props with MEPS SPACE 1404 whoop motors and MEPS SPACE 2004 cinewhoop motors.


    ● Application: Perfect for cinewhoops.

    ● Highlight: Pitch 4.6 inch, Moungting holes M1.5. Superb dynamic balance control with low vibration and smooth flying experience, with multiple standard crash tests guarantee the material's strength and extend its working life. 


    1. Align the paddle with the paddle mount.

    2. Press and rotate to fasten.


    ● Model: MEPS 3046 FPV propeller

    ● Color: Grey/Blue/Orange(optional)

    ● Material: PC

    ● Size: 3 inch

    ● Pitch:  4.6 inch

    ● Blade: 3

    ● Mounting Holes: M1.5

    ● Weight: 2.7g

    Package Included:

    1* FlyFishRC Volador VX3.5 Frame

    4* MEPS SZ1804 Brushless Motors

    2Pairs* MEPS SZ3046 Propellers

    2* Battery Straps


    Weight(incl. cable)14.5Β±2g14.5Β±2g
    Motor Dimensionφ22.98mmφ22.98mm
    Shaft Diameterφ1.5mmφ1.5mm
    Rated Voltage(Lipo) 6S 4S
    Internal Resistance190Β±6mΞ©117Β±5mΞ©
    Idle Current(10V)0.8A 1.3A
    Peak Current(60S)18.7A23.7A
    Max Power476W386W




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