SZ2207 Motors with GEPRC GEP-Racer Frame Bundle


● Bundle Includes: 1* frame, 4* motors, 2pairs propellers, and 2 battery straps.

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    About GEPRC GEP-Racer Frame:

    The GEP-Racer Frame is constructed using a combination of 7075-T6 aviation aluminum alloy splints and high-grade T700 carbon plates processed with CNC machining, resulting in a solid overall structure. It supports installation of 20*20mm, 25.5*25.5mm, and 30.5*30.5mm flight controllers, with motor mounting holes of 1616mm.

    The GEP-Racer Frame is specially designed for the racing competition.


    ● Crafted from 7075-T6 aviation aluminum alloy splints and high-grade T700 carbon plates, ensuring durability and performance.

    ● It supports a range of flight controller sizes, including 20*20mm, 25.5*25.5mm, and 30.5*30.5mm, accommodating various setups and preferences.

    ● The CNC processing of the frame results in a sturdy overall build, providing stability and reliability during high-speed racing maneuvers.

    ● With motor mounting holes of 16*16mm, the frame allows for secure and precise installation of motors, contributing to smooth and efficient performance.

    ● Specifically designed for FPV racing, making it an ideal choice for pilots seeking a competitive edge in speed and agility.


    ● Model: GEP-RACER Frame

    ● Dimensions: 175mmΓ—173mm

    ● Wheelbase: 208mm

    ● Top plate: 2.0mm

    ● Aluminum plate: 2.0mm

    ● Bottom plate: 2.0mm

    ● Arm thickness: 5.0mm

    ● Aluminum column size: M3*6*24mm

    ● FC mounting hole: 30.5mm*30.5mm/25.5mm*25.5mm/20mm*20mm

    ● VTX mounting hole: 20mm*20mm

    ● Motor mounting hole: 16mm*16mm

    ● Camera installation space: 14mm

    ● Propeller: 5 inches

    ● Weight: 78g Β± 2g

    About 2207 Racing Drone Motors:

    The MEPS SPACE 2207 is a strong and high-performance choice for racing drone motors. It features a powerful 6S brushless motor, making it suitable for both FPV racing and freestyle maneuvers on 5"-6" quadcopters. Crafted with top-tier materials, the motor has a unique unibell design with a distinctive sunflower appearance, and it stands out with an industry-first fluorescent green color scheme.

    The construction of this motor includes a high-strength TC4 titanium alloy shaft, N52H arc magnets, NMB bearings, 6082 aluminum rotator, and military-grade high-temperature enameled wire. The integration of 12.9-grade hexagon socket screws adds to its overall performance and durability.

    Whether you need a motor for a racing drone or a 6S or 4S brushless motor, the MEPS SPACE 2207 is a cost-effective and durable choice. It comes in 1750KV, 1950KV, or 2750KV variants, offering a great balance of affordability and performance. This makes it a standout option in the FPV community for those looking for reliable and powerful racing drone motors.


    ● Application: Perfect suited for 5 inch FPV racing drone.

    ● Light and Quick: Aluminum alloy 6082 and TC4 reinforced titanium alloy shaft guarantees its light and enhances its propulsion and speed.

    ● Durable and Impact Resistance: N52H arc magnets and 12.9-grade hexagon socket screws provide excellent balance and high stability.

    ● New Propulsion Design: Born with agility and extreme corner shifting speed, with ease whether in straight-line speeding or corner shifting.

    ● Professional FPV Racing: Elaborately designed for the harsh environment of professional racing and racers' extreme demand for a sense of control.

    ● Three KV Options Available (1750, 1950, 2750): Different KVs match different batteries and propellers for different flying styles.


    ●Model: MEPS 2207 racing motor

    ● Color: Cyan/Orange/Grey/Green (optional)

    ● KV: 1750kv/1950kv/2750kv (optional)

    ● Materials: 6082 aluminum bell, TC4 reinforced titanium alloy shaft, N52H arc magnets, NMB bearings, military-grade high-temperature enameled wire, and 12.9-grade hexagon socket screws.

    ● Lead: 20#160mm

    ● Weight(including cable): 34g

    ● Motor Dimension: 28.93*31.5mm

    ● Shaft Diameter: 5mm

    ● Rated Voltage(Lipo): 6S(1750KV/1950KV), 4S(2750KV)

    ● Configuration: 12N14P

    ● Internal Resistance: 72mΞ©(1750KV), 66mΞ©(1950KV), 39mΞ©(2750KV)

    ● Idle Current(10V): 1.5A(1750KV), 1.8A(1950KV), 2.8A(2750KV)

    ● Max Power: 931.1W(1750KV), 1148.4W(1950KV), 846.7W(2750KV)

    About 5145 FPV Propellers:

    Gain more power, control, and speed with MEPS 5145 FPV Propelller. It is the best option for FPV racing motors with more responsive and very well managed throttle control. The 3-Blade props give more power and faster speed for racing. With a prop size of 5.1 inch, 4.5 inch pitch, 5mm shaft hole, and weight of 3.7g, these props are perfect for any 5" quads and are suitable for MEPS SPACE 2207 racing motors.


    ● Application: Perfect for 5" FPV freestyle drones and racing drones. 

    ● Larger pitch for higher speed.

    ● Special blade design provides greater thrust.

    ● Selected PC materials for lighter weight.


    1. Align the paddle with the paddle mount.

    2. Press and rotate to fasten.


    ● Model: MEPS 5145 FPV propeller

    ● Color: Grey/Yellow/Orange(optional)

    ● Material: PC

    ● Size: 5.1 inch

    ● Pitch: 4.5 inch

    ● Blade: 3

    ● Mounting Holes: M5

    ● Weight: 3.7g

    Package Included:

    1* GEPRC GEP-Racer Frame

    4* MEPS SZ2207 Brushless Motors

    2Pairs* MEPS SZ5145 Propellers

    2* Battery Straps


    Weight(incl. cable)34g34g34g
    Motor Dimension28.93*31.5mm28.93*31.5mm28.93*31.5mm
    Shaft Diameterφ5mmφ5mmφ5mm
    Rated Voltage(Lipo) 6S 6S4S
    Internal Resistance72mΞ©66mΞ©39mΞ©
    Idle Current(10V) 1.5A 1.8A 2.8A
    Peak Current(60S) 37.8A 46.9A 52.8A
    Max Power931.1W1148.4W846.7W




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