SZ2306 Motors with iFlight Nazgul Evoque F5 V2 Frame Bundle


●  Bundle Includes: 1* frame, 4* motors, 2pairs propellers, and 2 battery straps.

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    About Nazgul Evoque F5 V2 Frame:

    Gone are the days when electronics would be covered in dust and wet grass every time you crashed. Our latest framework reduces contamination that can build up on the flight controller or ESC, preventing malfunctions or short circuits.

    Strategic airflow keeps your components cool and clean without taking any shortcuts on weight or performance. Illuminated side panels and 360-degree TPU guard.


    ● [100% original]-DJI O3 HD air unit digital transmission V1 upgraded to V2, radiator specially designed for DJI O3 air unit

    ● [Durable]-The latest Nazgul frame upgrade provides maximum protection

    ● [High quality]-This frame kit suitable for professional use, new camera mount with TPU damping insert for wider camera field of view

    ● [Replaceable]-Damaged originals can be replaced and the new side panels fit the O3 Air unit on the back perfectly

    ● [Easy to install]-The frame is easy to install, fine workmanship, and comes with a new dual 5.8G VTX antenna TPU mount


    ● Product Name: Evoque F5 V2 Frame Kit

    ● Frame wheelbase: 225mm (Squashed X) / 223 mm (DeadCat)

    ● Frame Dimension: L258*W199*H25 mm (Squashed X) / L190*W136*H36 mm (DeadCat)

    ● Frame Body Dimension: 36mm

    ● Arm Thickness: 6mm

    ● Bottom Plate Thickness: 3mm

    ● Top Plate Thickness: 2mm

    ● Upper Plate Thickness: 3mm

    ● Camera Plate Thickness: 3mm

    ● Max Flight Stack Height: 22mm

    ● Max VTX Height: 23mm

    ● Motor Mounting: 16x16mm

    ● VTX Mounting: 25.5*25.5/Ξ¦1.6mm

    ● Weight: 240grams

    About 2306 Brushless Motors:

    MEPS 2306, renowned for its exceptional quality, boasts a Uni-Bell design with a sunflower appearance, setting it apart with an industry-first fluorescent green color scheme. This robust 6S brushless motor is specifically engineered for FPV racing and freestyle on 5"-6" quadcopters.

    To optimize its efficiency, we've integrated N52H arc magnets, surpassing the performance of its predecessor, the N45 magnets, resulting in top-level thrust. The 2306 brushless motor features 220℃ high-temperature resistant military-grade pure copper wire to elevate both the power limit and reliability. Additionally, NMB bearings are strategically employed to extend the lifespan of this exceptional 6S brushless drone motor.

    Whether you require a 1750KV, 1950KV, or 2450KV brushless motor for your freestyle drone, the MEPS 2306 brushless motor stands out as an excellent choice. Elevate your flight experience with the smooth and powerful performance of the MEPS 2306 6S brushless drone motor!


    ● Application: Perfect suited for 5 inch FPV freestyle drone.

    ● Unique design: Remarkable durability with a uni-bell covering, and super low cogging torque, achieves the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics.

    ● Top Material: TC4 reinforced titanium alloy shaft and N52H arc magnets increase efficiency and shorten motor response time, allowing the motor to run as smoothly as silk.

    ● Freestyle Specialist: Super dynamic balance control (balance value ≀ 3mg) that provides a smooth and responsive flying experience.

    ● Three KV options available (1750,1950,2450): Different kvs match different batteries and propellers for different flying styles.


    ● Model: MEPS 2306 freestyle motor

    ● Color: Cyan/Orange/Grey/Green (optional)

    ● KV: 1750kv/1950kv/2450kv (optional)

    ● Materials: 6082 aluminum bell, TC4 reinforced titanium alloy shaft, N52H arc magnets, military-grade high-temperature enameled wire,12.9-grade hexagon socket screws.

    ● Lead: 20#160mm

    ● Weight(including cable): 32g

    ● Motor Diameter: 28.93*31.5mm

    ● Shaft Diameter: 5mm

    ● Rated Voltage(Lipo): 6S(1750KV/1950KV), 4S(2450KV)

    ● Configuration: 12N14P

    ● Internal Resistance: 72mΞ©(1750KV), 68mΞ©(1950KV), 48mΞ©(2450KV)

    ● Idle Current(10V): 1.3A(1750KV), 1.5A(1950KV), 2.1A(2450KV)

    ● Max Power: 910.9W(1750KV), 1081.9W(1950KV), 680.4W(2450KV)

    About 4942 FPV propellers:

    MEPS 4942 FPV propelller has an extremely lightweight feel and smooth performance for FPV freestyle drones. It is made of thin PC material, and this three-blade propellers will bring you to a new level of smooth flying. With a prop size of 4.9 inch, 4.2 inch pitch, 5mm shaft hole, and weight of 3.5g, these props are perfect for any 5" quads and are suitable for MEPS SPACE 2306 freestyle motors.


    ● Application: Perfect for 5" FPV freestyle drones and racing drones.

    ● Special blade design provides greater thrust.

    ● Smooth surface reduces wind resistance.

    ● Polycarbonate material with better durability.


    1. Align the paddle with the paddle mount.

    2. Press and rotate to fasten.


    ● Model: MEPS 4942 FPV propeller

    ● Color: Grey/Yellow/Orange(optional)

    ● Material: PC

    ● Size: 4.9 inch

    ● Pitch:  4.2 inch

    ● Blade: 3

    ● Mounting Holes: M5

    ● Weight: 3.5g

    Package Included:

    1* iFlight Nazgul Evoque F5 V2 Frame

    4* MEPS SZ2306 Brushless Motors

    2Pairs* MEPS SZ4942 Propellers

    2* Battery Straps


    Weight(incl. cable)32g32g32g
    Motor Dimension28.93*31.5mm28.93*31.5mm28.93*31.5mm
    Shaft Diameterφ5mmφ5mmφ5mm
    Rated Voltage(Lipo) 6S 6S4S
    Internal Resistance72mΞ©68mΞ©48mΞ©
    Idle Current(10V) 1.3A 1.5A 2.1A
    Peak Current(60S) 36.9A 44.1A 40.8A
    Max Power910.9W1081.9W680.4W





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