5" Racing Quadcopter Kit with SZ2207 1950KV 2750KV Motors 45A ESC 350mW VTX Eagle Camera 2.4G Receiver


● High-performance FPV racing drone with great power-to-weight ratio.

● Features 5mm high-strength arms and a high-carbon plate frame for durability.

● Provides an unmatched flying experience.

● Built to withstand crashes and maintain performance.

● Includes 2207 brushless motors, an F7mini flight controller, a RunCam camera, and a Zeus nano VTX video transmitter.

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    About 5" Racing Quadcopter:

    This is a high-performance FPV racing drone with excellent power-to-weight ratio. It features 2207 brushless motors, an F7mini flight controller, a RunCam camera, and a Zeus nano VTX video transmitter, providing an unparalleled flying experience. The drone also boasts 5mm high-strength arms and a high-carbon plate frame, giving it impressive durability against crashes.


    About the Package

    5" Racing Kit  #A5" Racing Kit  #B5" Racing Kit #C5" Racing Kit #D

     SZ2207 Motors in 

    1950KV/Green Color *4

    SZ2207 Motors in 

    1950KV/Cyan Color *4

    SZ2207 Motors in 

    2750KV/Grey Color *4

    SZ2207 Motors in 

    2750KV/Orange Color *4

     GEP-Racer Frame *1GEP-Racer Frame *1GEP-Racer Frame *1GEP-Racer Frame *1
    45A MINI ESC *145A MINI ESC *145A MINI ESC *145A MINI ESC *1
    F7 MINI FC *1F7 MINI FC *1F7 MINI FC *1F7 MINI FC *1
    NIGHTEAGLE 3 Camera *1NIGHTEAGLE 3 Camera *1NIGHTEAGLE 3 Camera *1NIGHTEAGLE 3 Camera *1
    Zeus nano VTX *1Zeus nano VTX *1Zeus nano VTX *1Zeus nano VTX *1
    ELRS Nano 2.4G Receiver *1ELRS Nano 2.4G Receiver *1ELRS Nano 2.4G Receiver *1ELRS Nano 2.4G Receiver *1
    SZ5145 Propellers *4SZ5145 Propellers *4SZ5145 Propellers *4SZ5145 Propellers *4

    About the Specifications

    Product NameModel

    ● KV: 1950kv/2750kv 

    ● Rated Voltage(Lipo): 4S-6S


    ● Input Voltage: 3-6S Lipo

    ● Processor: STM32F722 


    ● Input Voltage: 3-6S Lipo

    ● Firmware: BLHeli 32

    CameraNight Eagle 3

    ● Horizontal Resolution: 1000TVL

    ● IMAGE: 16:9, 4:3

    ● Wide Power Input: DC 5-24V

    ReceiverELRS Nano 2.4G

    ● Size: 12mm*19mm

    ● Telemetry power: 20dbm, 100mW

    ● Frequency bands: 2.4GHz ISM

    ● Input voltage: 5V

    ● Antenna connector: IPEX MHF

    VTXZenus Nano

    ● Built-in Microphone

    ● Input voltage:DC 5V

    ● Antenna interface: ipex

    ● Output power: PIT/25/100/200/350mW

    ● Standard 40 channels. A/B/E/F/R frequency group 

    ● Frequencies: 5.8GHz


    ● Size: 5.1 inch

    ● Pitch: 4.5 inch

    ● Mounting Holes: M5

    GEP-Racer Frame● Wheelbase: 208mm


    ● High-performance FPV racing drone with great power-to-weight ratio.

    ● Features 5mm high-strength arms and a high-carbon plate frame for durability.

    ● Provides an unmatched flying experience.

    ● Built to withstand crashes and maintain performance.

    ● Includes 2207 brushless motors, an F7mini flight controller, a RunCam camera, and a Zeus nano VTX video transmitter.


    Motors & Propellers:

    The SZ2207 is a strong and high-performance choice for racing drone motors. It features a powerful 6S brushless motor, making it suitable for both FPV racing and freestyle maneuvers on 5"-6" quadcopters. Crafted with top-tier materials, 2207 brushless motor has a unique unibell design with a distinctive sunflower appearance, and it stands out with an industry-first fluorescent green color scheme.

    The construction of this brushless drone motor includes a high-strength TC4 titanium alloy shaft, N52H arc magnets, NMB bearings, 6082 aluminum rotator, and military-grade high-temperature enameled wire. The integration of 12.9-grade hexagon socket screws adds to its overall performance and durability.

    Gain more power, control, and speed with SZ5145 FPV Propelller. It is the best option for FPV racing motors with more responsive and very well managed throttle control. The 3-Blade props give more power and faster speed for racing. With a prop size of 5.1 inch, 4.5 inch pitch, 5mm shaft hole, and weight of 3.7g, these props are perfect for any 5" quads.



    The SZ 45A MINI ESC features the fastest MCU supported by BLHELI32. With high-end Onsemi MOSFETs and user-friendly solder pads, it ensures robust performance and easy soldering. Paired with MEPS 2207 motors, it delivers exceptional performance in freestyle and racing builds, making it ideal for beginners and casual FPV enthusiasts.


    Flight Controller:

    The SZ F7 HD MINI Flight Controller, engineered with the STM32F722 chip, delivers exceptional performance and high processing speed for stable flights. It features a 6-pin plug&play port for direct connection to an HD Digital VTX with no soldering required, making it ideal for racing and freestyle drones compatible with Betaflight firmware.



    The GEP-Racer Frame is constructed using a combination of 7075-T6 aviation aluminum alloy splints and high-grade T700 carbon plates processed with CNC machining, resulting in a solid overall structure. It supports installation of 20*20mm, 25.5*25.5mm, and 30.5*30.5mm flight controllers, with motor mounting holes of 1616mm. It is specially designed for the racing competition.



    The HGLRC Zeus NANO Video Transmitter is ultralight and has multiple mounting patterns, including 16mm, 20mm, and 25.5mm. With a built-in microphone and slim boomerang shape, this VTX brings real-time audio transmission and a wider scope of application for reliable and powerful racing drone motors.

    It is very easy to mount. It has holes for mounting on top of 3 different types of flight controller stack: 25.5Γ—25.5mm, 20x20mm, and 16x16mm. If you prefer not to mount it on top of an FC, you can remove the tabs with pliers to save weight and space.



    The RunCam Night Eagle 3 β€“ a powerful starlight night vision analog camera. This FPV camera is equipped with a back-illuminated Pixel technology ultra-high sensitivity sensor, providing an impressive 11390 mV/Lux-sec starlight night vision effect. Additionally, it supports OSD display for enhanced functionality.



    The BETAFPV Nano receiver is based on the ExpressLRS project, an open source RC link for RC applications. ExpressLRS is designed to achieve better link performance in terms of speed, latency and range. This makes ExpressLRS one of the faster RC links available while still providing remote performance.

    Package Included:

    4 * SZ2207 Brushless Motors

    1 * SZ45A MINI ESC

    1 * SZF7 HD MINI Flight Controller

    1 * GEPRC GEP-Racer Frame

    1 * RunCam Night Eagle 3 Camera

    1 * HGLRC Zenus Nano VTX

    1 * BetaFPV ExpressLRS Nano 2.4G Receiver

    4 * SZ5145 FPV Propellers 



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