How Long Do Brushless Drone Motors Last?

What is a Brushless Motor?

Beginners should be aware that drones employ both brushless and brushed motors. The ways in which they operate differ. The brushless is way more powerful for their weight than brushed motors, and they last way longer. Brushless is unquestionably the best option for larger quads.

A brushless FPV drone motor has no brushes, as the name suggests. It is possible to split the brushless motor into two distinct parts: the stator and the rotor. The primary unit that houses the rotor is called the stator. A network of radial electromagnets makes up the stator. When a current flows through the windings, the electromagnets alternately turn on and off to create a momentary magnetic field. Permanent magnets are arranged in a row in the rotor and are placed near the electromagnets of the semi-permanent stator. Rotational movement results from the attraction and repulsion between the stator and rotor magnets.

How Long Do Brushless Drone Motors Last?

How Long Do Brushless Drone Motors Last?

Is a Brushless Motor Better Than a Brushed Motor?

The brushless motor has grown in favor among producers and manufacturers over time. Over time, advancements in brushless motor technology have been made, and in 1980, they achieved remarkable success. It eventually produced the same amount of energy as the brushed motors thanks to the installation of permanent magnets and high signal transistors. Brushless motors are still superior to brushed motors even if brushed motors are less expensive, last longer, and have a longer torque ratio. Because of the excessive dust produced by their style of operation, which can also result in wear and tear, brushed motors have been known to need ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

The cooling mechanism of brushless motor is another reason why they are thought to be superior to brushed motors. The internal shaft position feedback is used by brushed motors to switch on and off the power. Because of the brushes’ small size, these motors generate a lot of heat, which can also cause mechanical damage. The brushless motor’s manufacturer accomplishes the same goal while releasing heat to let the motor cool. These factors mean that a brushless motor not only produces greater power but also lasts longer, saving you money on maintenance. If you want to know more about Brushless motor, please check out the guide Brushed vs Brushless Motor: What’s the Difference?

How Long Do Brushless Drone Motors Last?

How Long Do Brushless Drone Motors Last?

How Long Do Brushed Motors Last?

You are probably aware that brushless drone motors survive longer than brushed drone motors if you own a drone with a brushed motor. With frequent use, the brushed drone motors should survive at least a year, or between 1,000 to 3,000 flight hours. But as previously said, how well you take care of them will determine this. The brand is another element that impacts how long they last. While some models have better motors that last longer, others won’t stop working after more than two months.

Do Brushless Motors Last Longer?

The presence of brushes in the later motor is what distinguishes it from the brushless motor. Nonetheless, the two motors use the same method to produce electricity. This implies that tools with brushed motors have less motor space in the motor portion, such as in drills and drones. Because of this, the brushed motor generates greater heat, noise, and friction, all of which contribute to wear and tear. Brushless motors require more frequent maintenance because overheating damages both the tool and the battery.

Drone motors that are brushless have a lengthy lifespan. The motors don’t have any brushes to create friction, thus they can easily last ten years or longer.  Thankfully, this issue doesn’t apply to brushless ones. Even though brushless motors hardly ever wear out, other factors still have an impact. These consist of water, filth, overheating, and worn bearings. These factors have the potential to interfere with your drone’s motors and cause them to break. For this reason, you should routinely check your brushless motors for dirt and debris and develop the practice of cleaning them out. Additionally, watch out that they stay out of the water. Brushless motors typically have very long lifespans.

How to Know the Drone Motor bldc is Bad?

There are numerous indicators that something is wrong with a drone motor.  An unusual flight angle for your drone is the first clue. Additionally, if your drone is not responding to commands the way it did previously, there is a problem. Propeller failure to spin properly is another indicator. In this situation, it may be necessary for you to replace the damaged motors with new ones. Our drone motors are prone to damage from three main sources:

  • Overheating: As the brushes spin and produce motion, heat is produced. Because of the motor area’s congestion, this can result in overheating, which can harm the tool and the battery.
  • Overloading: When the weight of the tool exceeds the energy produced by the motor, the tool may become damaged since it must now provide more energy in order to support the load.
  • Vibration or mechanical damage: Because of the brushed motor’s high levels of vibration and friction, wear and tear on the engine occurs quickly.

If you believe there is damage to your drone motor, it is imperative that you correct it. Continuing to use it improperly could worsen the damage or cause it to overheat, which could result in the internal components of your drone burning up.

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How Long Do Brushless Drone Motors Last?

How Long Do Brushless Drone Motors Last?

Can Brushless Motors be Repaired?

Drone motor repair is contingent upon the drone’s dimensions. Repairing a small drone motor is probably not worth the trouble. It’s possible that repairs will cost more money than purchasing a new motor. However, if the drone motor is big, it would be a fantastic idea to fix it instead of replacing it.

In order for a drone or other gadget to function well, it is crucial to make sure that any brushless or other type of motor that it may be employing is in excellent condition. As was already noted, overheating, overloading, and mechanical or vibration damage to the internal structures are the most frequent ways to destroy brushless motors. However, one must conduct research and become familiar with the components of a brushless motor before choosing to take on this project. Acquiring the appropriate parts for your drone might be facilitated by expanding your knowledge about it.

What is the Best Way to Maintain the Brushless Motors?

The motors have a major impact on how well your drone performs. You can be certain that your drone will perform at its peak if the motors are in good condition. For this reason, you ought to maintain the motors properly.

Keeping the motors clean at all times is the best method to achieve this. Use a soft-bristled brush or canned air to clean the motors. If necessary, wipe dirt away with a little moist cloth. After cleaning, make sure they are completely dry because water damages motors.

Additionally, make sure the motors on your drone don’t overheat. In between flights, even if you have extra batteries, let the drone cool down. The motors can cool down to prevent overheating with just a 10-minute rest. If you want to know the tips of fpv drone cleaning maintaining, please check out the guide Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining FPV Drone.


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