SZ2306 FPV Motor 4S 6S 1750/1950/2450KV for 5inch Freestyle Drone


● High Power & Fast Response.

● Durable Construction: TC4 titanium shaft, NMB bearings for durability.

● Smooth Flight: Dynamic balance ≤3mg for agility.

● Efficient & Stable: N52H magnets reduce response time.

● Innovative Design: Unibell structure with sunflower appearance, and industry-first fluorescent green color.

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    About this product:

    Upgrade your drone with the MEPS SZ2306 Brushless Motor for fast, precise control. To optimize efficiency, we've integrated N52H arc magnets, surpassing the performance of the previous N45 magnets, resulting in top-level thrust. It also features 220℃ high-temperature resistant military-grade pure copper wire, elevating both the power limit and reliability. Additionally, the durable TC4 titanium alloy shaft and NMB ball bearings ensure a long lifespan. Its lightweight Uni-Bell design with a sunflower appearance and fluorescent green color combines performance and aesthetics.

    Available in 1750KV, 1950KV, and 2450KV, it is designed for 5-inch freestyle drones.

    SZ2306 FPV brushless motors with 4 colors and high power

    Takeoff At Top Speed

    SZ2306 FPV brushless motors takeoff at a top speed

    Easily Unlock Difficult Freestyle Tricks

    1950KV maximum power up to 1081.9W, the higher the thrust, the easily to handle difficult freestyle tricks and manuevers.

    SZ2306 FPV brushless motors is able to easily unlock freestyle flying

    Longer Flight Time

    SZ2306 FPV brushless motors features with extended flight time

    Smoother Flight

    The lower the balance value, the higher the stability.

    SZ2306 FPV brushless motors with smoother flight
    SZ2306 FPV brushless motors smoothness upgraded by 20%
    SZ2306 FPV brushless motors NMB bearings lifespan up to 10000h

    Novel Appearance

    Sunflower Uni-bell design in a distinctive fluorescent green, achieving an optimal blend of performance and style.

    SZ2306 FPV brushless motors with 4 colors available


    SZ2306 FPV motors specifications


    SZ2306 FPV brushless motors recommended ESC 60ASZ2306 FPV brushless motors recommended flight controller F7SZ2306 FPV brushless motors recommended propellers SZ4942SZ2306 FPV brushless motors recommended frame V3

    Package Included

    SZ2306 FPV brushless motors package list
    2306 fpv brushless motors size chart
    2306 1750kv data testing chart
    SZ2306 1950kv data testing chart
    2306 2450kv data testing chart
    2306 1750kv throttle thrust tetsing
    2306 1950kv throttle thrust tetsing
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