SZ60A 3S 6S 4in1 FPV ESC 30.5*30.5mm Mounting


● High Current Load Capacity: With a current load capacity of up to 60A, our FPV drone ESC ensures you enjoy the flights with unparalleled ease and satisfaction whether you're performing acrobatic maneuvers or racing at high speeds.

● Enhanced Heat Dissipation: Features an upgraded heat sink and industrial-grade PCB that significantly improves the heat dissipation capacity, ensuring the FPV drone's efficiency remains optimal even during demanding conditions. 

● Compatible Mounting Holes: With 30.5*30.5mm mounting holes, it's compatible with most mainstream FPV frames, providing pilots with greater flexibility and ease of installation. 

● Telemetry Data Return: Offers full access to all the useful flight data, and enables pilots to monitor and adjust flights for optimal performance, making it easier to fine-tune your drone's performance and maximize your flight experience. 

● BLHeliSuite32: Supports higher protocols, providing faster response and increased reliability. 

● Recommendation - Freestyle Motor SZ2306Racing Motor SZ2207SZ F7 HDSZ F7.

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    About 60A FPV Drone ESC:

    Unlock unparalleled performance with the MEPS 60A FPV Drone ESC 4 in 1 – recognized as the best 4 in 1 ESC in the market. Equipped with the fastest MCU fully supported by BLHELI32, this drone ESC supports higher protocols, delivering a faster response for an unmatched flight experience. It stands out as the best 6s ESC, providing optimal power for high-performance drones.

    Designed for excellence, the MEPS 60A features an upgraded heat sink and industrial-grade PCB, significantly enhancing heat dissipation capacity. With full access to all useful flight data, it ensures a reliable and efficient flight experience. Compatible with most mainstream FPV frames, this drone ESC 4 in 1 is the top choice for discerning FPV enthusiasts.

    Choose the MEPS 60A for the best drone ESC, offering cutting-edge technology, superior heat dissipation, and compatibility with mainstream frames. Elevate your drone's performance with the best 6s ESC on the market.



    ● Application: 30.5*30.5mm mounting holes.

    ● High Current Load Capacity: With a current load capacity of up to 60A, our FPV drone ESC ensures you enjoy the flights with unparalleled ease and satisfaction whether you're performing acrobatic maneuvers or racing at high speeds.

    ● Enhanced Heat Dissipation: Features an upgraded heat sink and industrial-grade PCB that significantly improves the heat dissipation capacity, ensuring the FPV drone's efficiency remains optimal even during demanding conditions. 

    ● Compatible Mounting Holes: With 30.5*30.5mm mounting holes, it's compatible with most mainstream FPV frames, providing pilots with greater flexibility and ease of installation. 

    ● Telemetry Data Return: Offers full access to all the useful flight data, and enables pilots to monitor and adjust flights for optimal performance, making it easier to fine-tune your drone's performance and maximize your flight experience. 

    ● BLHeliSuite32: Supports higher protocols, providing faster response and increased reliability. 



    ● Model: MEPS 60A FPV ESC

    ● Color: Black

    ● Input Voltage: 3-6S

    ● Continuous Current: 60A

    ● Peark Current: 65A

    ● Firmware: BLHeli 32

    ● Telemetry: Support

    ● Mounting Holes: 30.5*30.5mm/Ξ¦4mm

    ● Dimension: 45.4*43.8*8mm

    ● Weight: 19g

    Product Recommendation:

    ● MEPS F7 flight controller / MEPS F7 HD flight controller

    ● MEPS 2207 racing motor

    ● MEPS 2306 freestyle motor

    Package included: 

    ● 1pc* MEPS FPV 60A ESC

    ● 1pc* 35V 470ΞΌF capacitor

    ● 1pc* 100mm 14AWG XT60 Power Cord

    ● 1pc* 61mm Double-Ended SH1.0-8P Connector Cable

    ● 1pc* 61mm Single-Ended SH1.0-8P Connector Cable

    ● 1pc* SH1.0-8P Rubber Shell

    ● 1pc* SH1.0-10P Rubber Shell

    ● 5pcs* High Shock Anti-vibration Rubber Dampers

    ● 5pcs* Low Shock Anti-vibration Rubber Dampers


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