8pcs SZ2207 FPV Motors & 8pairs SZ5145 Propellers

Motors & Propellers & Battery Straps & Stickers

● Perfect for 5 inch Racing Drone.

● Sunflower Unibell Design, Industry's First Fluorescent Green Color Scheme.

● Designed For The Harsh Environment Of Professional Racing And Racers' Extreme Demand For A Sense Of Control.

● 6082 Aluminum Bell, TC4 Reinforced Titanium Alloy Shaft, N52H Arc Magnets, Military-Grade High-Temperature Enameled Wire,12.9-Grade Hexagon Socket Screws.

● Package Included: 8PCS Motors + 8 Pairs of Propellers + 2PCS Battery Straps + 1PC MEPS Stickers.

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    About 2207 Racing Drone Motors:

    The MEPS SPACE 2207 is a strong and high-performance choice for racing drone motors. It features a powerful 6S brushless motor, making it suitable for both FPV racing and freestyle maneuvers on 5"-6" quadcopters. Crafted with top-tier materials, the motor has a unique unibell design with a distinctive sunflower appearance, and it stands out with an industry-first fluorescent green color scheme.

    The construction of this motor includes a high-strength TC4 titanium alloy shaft, N52H arc magnets, NMB bearings, 6082 aluminum rotator, and military-grade high-temperature enameled wire. The integration of 12.9-grade hexagon socket screws adds to its overall performance and durability.

    Whether you need a motor for a racing drone or a 6S or 4S brushless motor, the MEPS SPACE 2207 is a cost-effective and durable choice. It comes in 1750KV, 1950KV, or 2750KV variants, offering a great balance of affordability and performance. This makes it a standout option in the FPV community for those looking for reliable and powerful racing drone motors.



    ● Application: Perfect suited for 5 inch FPV racing drone.

    ● Light and Quick: Aluminum alloy 6082 and TC4 reinforced titanium alloy shaft guarantees its light and enhances its propulsion and speed.

    ● Durable and Impact Resistance: N52H arc magnets and 12.9-grade hexagon socket screws provide excellent balance and high stability.

    ● New Propulsion Design: Born with agility and extreme corner shifting speed, with ease whether in straight-line speeding or corner shifting.

    ● Professional FPV Racing: Elaborately designed for the harsh environment of professional racing and racers' extreme demand for a sense of control.

    ● Three KV Options Available (1750, 1950, 2750): Different KVs match different batteries and propellers for different flying styles.



    ● Model: MEPS 2207 racing motor

    ● Color: Cyan/Orange/Grey/Green (optional)

    ● KV: 1750kv/1950kv/2750kv (optional)

    ● Materials: 6082 aluminum bell, TC4 reinforced titanium alloy shaft, N52H arc magnets, military-grade high-temperature enameled wire,12.9-grade hexagon socket screws.

    ● Lead: 20#160mm

    ● Weight(including cable): 34g

    ● Motor Diameter: 28.93*31.5mm

    ● Shaft Diameter: 5mm

    ● Rated Voltage(Lipo): 6S(1750KV/1950KV), 4S(2750KV)

    ● Configuration: 12N14P

    ● Internal Resistance: 72mΞ©(1750KV), 66mΞ©(1950KV), 39mΞ©(2750KV)

    ● Idle Current(10V): 1.5A(1750KV), 1.8A(1950KV), 2.8A(2750KV)

    ● Max Power: 931.1W(1750KV), 1148.4W(1950KV), 846.7W(2750KV)

    ● Model: MEPS 5145 racing propeller

    ● Color: Grey

    ● Application: Perfect matching with SZ2207 motors for 5" racing dones, larger pitch for higher speed.

    ● Dimension: Pitch 4.5 inch, Moungting holes M5.

    ● Materials:  PC

    ● Blade: 3

    ● Weight: 3.7g each

    ● Model: MEPS Battery Strap

    ● Color: Green

    ● Size: 250x20 mm


    Product Recommendation:

    ● MEPS 5145 racing propeller

    ● MEPS F7 HD flight controller / MEPS F7 flight controller

    ● MEPS 60A FPV ESC

    Package included: 

    ● 8pcs SZ2207 Motors

    ● 8 Pairs of SZ5145 Propellers

    ● 2pcs Battery Straps

    ● 1pc MEPS Sticker


    Weight(incl. cable)34g34g34g
    Motor Dimension28.93*31.5mm28.93*31.5mm28.93*31.5mm
    Shaft Diameterφ5mmφ5mmφ5mm
    Rated Voltage(Lipo) 6S 6S4S
    Internal Resistance72mΞ©66mΞ©39mΞ©
    Idle Current(10V) 1.5A 1.8A 2.8A
    Peak Current(60S) 37.8A 46.9A 52.8A
    Max Power931.1W1148.4W846.7W




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