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FPV Technical Terms

What are the technical terms for FPV drones?

FPV, or First Person View, is a hobby riddled with acronyms that can sometimes be confusing, even for those familiar with the field.This list aims to serve as a helpful guide for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts.

AcronymsEquipmentFor Description
2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, 900MHzReceiverMHz = Mega HertzGHz = Giga Hertz Frequencies used in RC and FPV.
1S, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S...BatteryThese numbers indicate how many cells in a LiPo battery. The higher the cell count, the higher the nominal voltage.
2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 7"...Drone RackThese are propeller sizes, also often used to described the size of an FPV drone.
4in1ESCWhen talking about 4in1 ESCs, it means it incorporates 4 ESCs on a single board. These are typically mounted under a flight controller as a stack.
AC/The type of electricity that comes from your wall socket. AC has Live and Neutral wires.
ACCFCA sensor that measures acceleration forces in a specific direction.
AcroFCAcro is also sometimes used interchangeably with rate mode and manual mode.
Air ModeFCcontroller active even when throttle is at zero when the drone is armed.
Angle ModeFCA stabilized flight mode using both gyroscope and accelerometer sensors.
AUXFCAUX Channels are additional channels to the 4 channels that are used for the control sticks. These can be used for changing flight modes & controlling peripherals.
AWGBatteryAn electrical wire size measurement, the larger the number, the smaller the wire.
BECESC、FCESC, FC and VTX. They are designed to provide constant voltage, e.g. 5V, for other RC equipment such as FPV camera and radio receiver.
BFFCBetaflight is a popular flight controller firmware for FPV drones.
BNF/A BNF model is a pre-built model similar, but minus the radio transmitter. You need your own radio to bind to it.
BootloaderFCSpecial code stored in non-volatile memory in a microprocessor that can interface with a PC to download a user's program.
Buzzer/A very loud speaker commonly used in drones, for the purpose of low voltage and lost model alarms.
CapFCCapacitors, or caps, are cylinder components with two legs that are soldered onto ESC's power pads for reducing electrical noise.
CinewhoopDrone Rackpeople, animal and properies. Cinewhoops tend to be slower than freestyle drones which makes them great for smooth and up-close shots.
CLIFCThis is an interface in Betaflight where you can enter command lines.
Curr / CRTESC、FCA solder pad on ESC / FC for current sensor data.
CW / CCWPropellerdirection. Each quadcopter uses two clockwise and two counter-clockwise propellers. They must be installed correctly for the drone to take off.
DCBatteryDC is the type of electricity that comes from power source with Positive and Negative (+ and -), such as a battery.
DFUFCIf you have trouble flashing flight controller firmware directly, you can enter DFU mode first by holding down the boot button on the flight controller board while powering on.
DShotFCA type of digital ESC protocol.

If you find any missing terms, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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