How to choose best flight controller stack?

In the drone and FPV industries, combining all of your electronics into a single, easily configurable stack is becoming more and more popular. By using a stack rather of individual boards, you may promote compatibility, minimize size and weight, and work on and repair your project more easily without having to deal with a lot of dirty cabling and soldering.

What is flight controller stack?

Two of an FPV drone’s most important parts are the ESC and FC. The flight controller, or FC, is in charge of the drone’s maneuverability and flying stability, while the electronic speed controller, or ESC, regulates the motor speed. Your drone’s dependability and performance can be significantly impacted by selecting the appropriate ESC and FC.

An flight controller stack is a pre-assembled combination of two critical components in an FPV drone: the flight controller (FC) and the electronic speed controller (ESC). Sometimes you need to assemble by yourselves. Some fc and esc combination may be of higher efficiency. Both are essential for controlling the drone’s movement and are often combined into a single unit for compactness and ease of installation.


Why is it important to choose the right flight controller stack?

The role of flight controller in drone

  • The brain of the drone
  • Interprets pilot input from the transmitter and sends signals to the ESCs.
  • Controls the motors, flight modes, and various other functions.
  • Offers features like GPS, return to home, OSD (On-Screen Display), and blackbox recording.

 The role of Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

  • Controls the speed and direction of each motor.
  • Receives signals from the FC and translates them into electrical currents for the motors.
  • Supports different protocols like BLHeli_S and DShot for improved efficiency and responsiveness.

Benefits of using a pre-built FC/ESC stack

  • Compactness and weight savings: Saves space and weight compared to individually mounted units.
  • Ease of installation: Simplifies the build process, especially for beginners.
  • Pre-configured compatibility: Ensures components are compatible with each other.
  • Improved performance: Optimized communication between the FC and ESCs can lead to better flight performance.

Factors to consider when choosingbest flight controller stack

Thanks to technological developments, a range of choices are now accessible, ranging from sophisticated FCs with integrated GPS for long-distance flying to high-performance ESCs for racing. Choosing the appropriate ESC and FC is essential for a successful and pleasurable FPV drone experience, regardless of pilot experience level.

Drone size and type

Different size drones require different power and features.When choosing a flight controller, it is essential to carefully consider the features and capabilities of the available models and select the one that best suits the needs of your drone.

Flight style

Racing drones need faster and more responsive stacks than freestyle or long-range drones. Therefore, the flight style is one factor to consider when choosing best flight controller stack.


Stacks range in price from budget-friendly options to high-end models with advanced features.

When choosing a stack, consider the features, performance, compatibility, and price to find the best fit for your needs.


Best flight controller stackRecommendation from different size

16×16 flight controller stack

The Talon 16×16 offers full-sized performance. Talon quality is characteristic, and they deliver state-of-the-art performance at affordable prices so that everyone may use them. Utilize the newest and greatest technologies available to elevate your micros to a whole new level. Put an end to compromising with subpar performance from your micros! Everything and more that a Talon product should offer!

20×20 Flight Controller Stack

Here we recommend MEPS SZ F7 Mini Flight Controller and MEPS Mini SZ45A for 20×20 Flight Controller Stack.

The DJI Air Unit cable, two different ESC cable types, and two sets of silicone grommets (with heights of 4 and 7 mm) are included in the cardboard box that houses the MEPS SZ Flight Controller 20×20. Two 8-pin connectors on one of the ESC cables are meant for MEPS ESCs, while the second cable just has one connector and offers the option of an 8- or 10-pin plug for customisation.

The f7 20×20 flight controller board is 37x37x8 mm in size and is based on an STM32F22 CPU. This best Micro Flight Controller fits 2.5–5 FPV drones and features mounting patterns of 20×20 mm. On top of the flight controller are the USB Type-C port, ESC connector, Digital VTX port, boot button, and all of the soldering pads. Along with dedicated buzzer and LED pads, Mini F7 Flight Controller has five UART interfaces. Next to the Type-C connector are six pins (GND, 5V, RX3, TX3, SDA, and SCL) that are used for GPS modules. For powering the VTX and other external modules, it contains 10V and 5V pads. A set of three pads referred to as the “VTX switch” on the up/left corner makes it easy to regulate the analog FPV transmitter and keeps it from overheating when bench operating.

The mounting pattern of MEPS Mini SZ45A, which measures 20 by 20 mm, is the best quad esc and fits 3.5 to 5 inch fixed-point drones. The board itself weighs close to 10 grams and has dimensions of roughly 33.5 by 39.8 mm. The pinout of its 6-pin connector is as follows: BAT+, GND, ESC4, ESC3, ESC2, ESC1, Telemetry, and Current. There are solder holes on the huge battery pads for the low ESR capacitor. As I indicated before, you can keep the motor-ESC cables in place for as long as you choose. Regarding the battery cable, I advise against it. In order to prevent voltage spikes from harming electrical components, the LIPO wire length needs to be maintained short. I recommend swapping out the stock capacitor for a 1000uF one if you operate on 6s.



30×30 flight controller stack

Here we recommend MEPS SPACE f7 flight controller stack, including F7 HD Flight Controller and MEPS 60A for 30×30 Flight Controller Stack.

The MEPS SPACE F7 HD Flight Controller is the best flight controller for fpv drone, a full-sized, 30×30 digital flight controller that has been painstakingly designed for optimal performance in the field of first-person virtual reality. With its STM32F722 microcontroller and smooth Betaflight firmware compatibility, it is among the top FPV flight controllers for digital constructions.

With an interface connector made especially for digital video systems, this FPV flight controller combines precision and ease in its design. The thoughtful design and generously sized solder pads simplify assembly and guarantee a smooth building process. There is no need for soldering when attaching your HD Digital VTX thanks to the extra convenience of a 6-pin plug&play interface.

Discover unmatched performance with the industry-best 4 in 1 ESC, the MEPS 60A FPV Drone ESC 4 in 1. This drone ESC supports higher protocols and has the fastest MCU, completely supported by BLHELI32. It responds faster, providing an unparalleled flying experience. It is unique among 6s ESCs in that it offers the best power for drones with excellent performance.

The MEPS 60A is best cheap brushless esc, built to last thanks to an improved heat sink and an industrial-grade PCB that greatly increase heat dissipation capability. It guarantees a dependable and effective flying experience with complete access to all relevant flight data. For discerning FPV enthusiasts, this drone ESC 4 in 1 is the best option since it works with the majority of popular FPV frames.



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