How Much Does An FPV Drone Cost?

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Regardless of experience level, knowing the cost of FPV drone is essential before delving into this exciting new realm. Though it takes a lot of time and money, building your own FPV drone is an interesting and rewarding experience. Depending on the kind of drone you like to build and the quality and specs of the parts used, the cost to build FPV drone may vary significantly.

In this article, we’ll dissect the fundamental parts of an FPV drone and provide a ballpark figure for its cost so you can get a sense of what building your own may cost.

FPV Drone Cost (by Different Type)

RTF FPV Drone Kit: Beginner’s Choice

Ready-to-Fly is referred to as RTF. RTF drone kits come with everything you need to get going, including the drone, a radio, a receiver, and a battery and charger. A lot of RTF kits also come with FPV goggles. It provides you with peace of mind and eliminates the need for additional purchases. Even though the equipment is basic in nature and of low quality, it will get you started on a tight budget.

Reference price:

  • For $200, you may purchase a simple model that is ideal for learning the ropes as an entry-level experience.
  • FPV drones with stronger construction and better cameras may sometimes be purchased for $300 to $500.

The BetaFPV Cetus X FPV equipment is a comprehensive and user-friendly FPV equipment for beginners. A drone, radio, FPV goggles, battery, and charger are all included in this kit. Use the supplied radio controller to practice flying in FPV simulators like DRL, Liftoff, and Velocidrone before launching your drone.

Pre-Built Quads and Other Gears

When you advance past the beginner level, pre-built quads become useful. You can anticipate to connect these drones with your own controls and goggles because they don’t come with all the bells and whistles of a complete package. Typically, these are priced at:

  • Adependable, feature-rich FPV drone for $300 to $600.
  • High-performance models with cutting-edge features and exceptional photography capabilities cost $600 and above.
How Much Dose An FPV Drone Cost?


Going the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) option gives the highest level of customization for enthusiasts who want complete control over the capabilities of their drone. Because they might vary as much as the components you select, costs can be challenging to estimate. But just to get you thinking:

  • Radio controller + Simulator: US$100-US$300
  • FPV Goggles: US$100-US$700
  • FPV Drone: US$100-US$400
  • Batteries, charger and other accessories: US$100-US$400

Depending on the quality and functionality of the parts you choose, the overall cost of creating an FPV drone might range from about $400 to $1,800.

Should You Build or Buy Your First FPV Drone?

If you’re new to the world of FPV drones, you may be debating whether to purchase or construct your first drone. Each of the solutions has benefits and drawbacks. Here are some things to think about:

Creating your first drone provides a number of advantages:

  • Expertise and Skills: You will be able to diagnose, fix, and improve your drone in the future if you have firsthand expertise with the parts and assembly of drones.
  • Budget: If you already have the required equipment and parts, building your own drone may be more affordable.
  • Customization: You can modify your drone to meet your own requirements and tastes by selecting your own parts.

Buy a Pre-Built FPV Drone:

A pre-built drone can be a better option if you’d prefer to spend more time flying and less time assembling. Remember that pre-built drones tend to be more expensive the closest they get to being “perfect.” Furthermore, you’ll probably need to learn how to solder in order to fix it if you break it.

To sum up, creating your first FPV drone may be an enjoyable and fulfilling process that imparts useful knowledge for maintaining and improving your drone. But if you would rather concentrate on flying, a pre-built solution would be more suited. Whichever option you choose, think about consulting seasoned pilots before making a purchase.

Here is also a video that goes into detail about the cost  to build an FPV drone:

What Will Be the Cost to Build FPV Drone?

The Cost of FPV Drone–Basic Parts

Frame: The base of your drone should be a robust, lightweight structure that can withstand the strain of flying at high speeds. A frame can cost anywhere from $20 to $150, depending on the material and quality.

Flight Controller: The flight controller is your drone’s “brain,” controlling the motors along with the other parts of the device. The price of a high-quality flight controller can range from $20 to $200, according on its features and capabilities. MEPS F7 HD and MEPS mini F7 are both good choices and they cost $56.9 and $59.9 respectively. Check this blog if you want to know more about Flight Controller: How to choose fpv drone flight controller


Motors: Motors drive the propellers, which raise the drone off the ground. You should budget for a price in the center of $20 to $50 per motor, however this is possible. MEPS 2207 and 2306 motors are their main best sellers. They feature the Sunflower Unibell design, the industry’s first fluorescent green colour scheme, and perfect for 5 inch racing drone and freestyle drone. The price is $13.99 per motor. Check this blog if you want to know more about FPV motor: How to choose fpv drone motor a detailed guide 2024

meps 2306

Propellers: It’s important to choose the right propellers for your drone’s frame and motor combo because they come in a range of sizes and shapes. Typically, a set of propellers costs between $2 and $15. The propellers are very cheap and there are so many brands to choose from that you can go with what you need.

Batteries & Charger: Without batteries, you cannot fly, and without a charger, you cannot have batteries! There are many brands of batteries to choose from, such as GensTattu, and you can choose the batteries and chargers according to what you need for your FPV drone. The cost of a premium battery can vary from $20 to $100 based on the brand and capacity. And the chargers cost roughly between $50 and $200.

ESC: ESC is a type of electronic speed controller. The ESCs control the motors’ speed and make sure they’re running at the right pace. The price of an 4in1 ESC can range from $50 to $250. If you want to 20×20 4in1 esc, the MEPS 45a is a good choice and it costs $86.9. And the price at $75.9 is MEPS 60a, is one of the best ESC. Check this blog if you want to know more about FPV ESC: What is ESC: Comprehensive Guide for Electronic Speed Controller


Video Transmitter: The VTX transmits live footage from the camera to your monitor or goggles. The price of a VTX could range from $20 to $200.

FPV Camera: This device is responsible for transmitting a real-time video stream to your monitor or goggles. The price range for a good FPV camera is between $30 and $100. The Caddx Ant Nano FPV camera is the choice for those on a budget. It has high performance and is designed specifically for FPV racing and freestyle drones. Check this blog if you want to know more about FPV camera: Best FPV Drone Camera:Top 8 Factors

The Cost of FPV Drone–Other Parts

Radio Transmitter (TX) and Receiver (RX): To operate an FPV drone while in flight, pilots utilize a radio transmitter, which is a portable gadget. The cost of a radio transmitter can vary from $50 to $300 based on the brand and capacity. And the receiver cost roughly between $10 and $100.

FPV Goggles: To view the camera’s live video stream, utilize FPV goggles. FPV goggles range in price from $100 to $700, depending on functionality and quality.

Tools: Here are some of the tools you’ll need:

  • Soldering iron and solder
  • A set of hex screwdrivers (e.g. 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm) for M2/M3 bolts:
  • An M5 (8mm) nut spinner or socket ratchet for propeller nut (or you can just use your big pliers)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Cable ties
  • Electrical Tape
  • Multimeter
  • Smoke stopper

Put together, it should all come around $100.

How Much Dose An FPV Drone Cost?

Cost Factors of Fly FPV Drones

Recognize the additional expenses that come with owning an FPV drone before you go to the sky. not only the cost of the drone, but the total outlay for the full experience. Let’s dissect the fundamentals.

FPV Simulator

Over time, purchasing an FPV simulator can result in cost savings. Basic versions of simulators start at $0 and go up to about $30 USD. They offer a risk-free setting where you may hone your flying abilities before handling a real drone, possibly saving expensive mistakes.

FPV Simulator Recommendation:

  • DRL (Drone Racing League) Simulator
  • Liftoff
  • Velocidrone
  • Phoenix RC Simulator
  • AeroSIM RC
  • Uncrashed
  • Real Drone Simulator

Check this blog if you want to know more about simulator: ‎What’s Best FPV Drone Simulator for Beginner 2024


Damage to FPV drone parts is unavoidable, so one of the few things you’ll have to spend on is repairs, and if a part is damaged, you’ll need to get it replaced. Maintenance is also very important in order to prolong the life of the airplane, so then this part of your expenses is also less.


Adding accessories to your drone, such as FPV goggles, cameras, or lenses, can enhance its performance. For instance, the DJI FPV Goggles may increase your spending by several hundred dollars. Prior to making a purchase, always evaluate whether an upgrade would have a major impact on your flight experience.

Upgrade factors to consider:

  • FPV Goggles cost a few hundred bucks.
  • Lenses and Cameras: Expensive, variable, high-quality cameras
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